Top 5 Benefits of a Microschool Environment

Every parent wants their child to thrive in a positive school environment in tune with their child’s strengths and interests. Large schools work well for some learners yet can be less than ideal for others because children can get lost in the crowd or don’t fit into the traditional school box.

The rise of microschools has proven beneficial for young people that thrive in more intimate settings. Here at Mission Academy, we are a K 12 school with 100 learners, promising all students individual support systems and a close-knit community. This article will outline the top 5 benefits of a microschool environment. 

1. Nurturing Environment For Learning

Microschools offer quaint classrooms and small school bodies, creating an incredibly intimate learning environment. In traditional schools, kids can struggle to get the one-on-one attention they need to work through difficult academic problems. Microschools place a strong emphasis on each individual student, ensuring they are given enough attention to have a nurturing learning experience.

When kids are in a large classroom, they aren’t given the same opportunity to get excited about topics and engage in unique activities. At Mission Academy, our learning pods are a perfect size, typically having about 20 students. In this case, teachers can get to know their students and adjust their learning styles accordingly. Microschools take some of the pressure off of kids, allowing them to excel in a lower-stress environment. 

2. Personalized, Enriching Curriculum 

Having a smaller student body allows faculty and staff to personalize the academic experience to that unique group of students. Microschools like Mission Academy offer a personalized, enriching curriculum that ensures young people encounter a multifaceted and well-rounded body of knowledge. Children are exposed to a broad range of experiences, as microschools are in a unique position to offer outdoor education, field trips, guest speakers and day trips.

3. Stronger Emphasis on Character Development 

In a microschool, every individual child is valued and acknowledged as an important part of the school’s community. When children are given more one-on-one attention, there is a direct emphasis on character development that helps them feel seen, respected, and understood. The Mission Academy program offers a supportive environment that fosters young people’s emotional, mental and physical well-being. 

Since our school is so small, older learners are able to help younger children excel in different areas. The freedom to interact with many age groups supports character traits of kindness, compassion and respect. Peer mentorship is a large cornerstone of our school’s culture and ethos. We welcome not only students but also their entire families to get involved with our school’s mission and values. 

4. No Homework and Positive Use of Technology 

Since we focus on fostering an enriching educational environment, all schoolwork is completed during the school day. As children grow up, they can actively learn in a supportive classroom space without the added burden of having to focus on homework at home. Smaller classrooms allow students to get personalized guidance on any problems or subjects they may struggle with through the years.

Microschools deal with a student’s educational roadblocks directly, instead of relying on busy work that can take time away from extracurriculars. Here at Mission Academy, we incorporate technology in healthy ways without it taking over the entire learning process. Over time, this teaches kids how to balance their lives and use technology for positive, research-based efforts. We strive to foster a growth mindset in each and every student, which is another unique advantage we have as a microschool. 

5. Fosters Student Self Management and Independence 

One of the most important academic skills is the ability to manage oneself in an independent, driven manner. We understand how important personal management is for your child’s success in higher education, future careers, and trades. Since we support an entrepreneurial spirit in our students, personal autonomy is a skill we support in all Mission Academy students.

A microschool can leave a deeper impact on kids, helping them build confidence and self-esteem, which leads to a sense of purpose, lifelong friendships, community, career interests, and more.