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Harry Potter Blog

Quest Introduction

Muggles no more; our Scholars were accepted as satellite students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! During their 6-week term, they competed for House Points by completing challenges each Quest day, including Makerspace Challenges each Friday.

Scholars were encouraged to let their imagination soar with their broomsticks and delve further into the topics whenever their curiosity was piqued. Subjects studied during the quest included House Building, Herbology, Potions & Charms, Care of Magical Creatures, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and Quidditch Aviation.

In addition to their Hogwarts studies, each Scholar received an internship at the magical newspaper The Daily Prophet. They received their writing assignments upfront, so as they moved through their challenges, they could conduct the valuable research needed to complete their The Daily Prophet work.

Writing assignments were completed outside of Quest time, culminating in an individualized edition of The Daily Prophet featuring their different writing assignments.

Competition of the Houses

On the first day of the quest, Scholars were sorted into houses. Over the subsequent weeks, our Hogwarts students were required to engage in group and solo challenges to test their magical merit. The individual and group challenges intertwined with their Daily Prophet assignments, each week building upon the last.

Our Hogwarts Scholars began by studying the meaning of house crests and had the opportunity to test their creative and artistic skills by designing a house crest. They also put their magical crafting skills to work by designing and making a wand!

The Scholars studied flora and fauna in Herbology and learned about some of the world’s weirdest house plants. Then, they were tasked with keeping a minimum of 5 plants alive until the end of the term to become a verified green thumb!

Chemistry and physics came into play as our Scholars studied Potions and Charms and tried their hand at making broomsticks fly and creating potions and treats, such as chocolate frogs! They learned the importance of following a recipe and why measurements matter. They also voiced their opinions about the top 5 potions and explained why they felt that way. Scholars also looked at soft sciences such as numerology and code-breaking and discussed alchemy, worked on anagrams,

Scholars learned about magical animals and which real animals inspired those of legend. As Scholars studied animals and how to care for them, they engaged in conservation efforts to understand the importance of protecting engaged species. For example, they created an advertisement for the daily prophet choosing one endangered animal and explaining why we should protect it.

End of Term Celebration

Each challenge earned Scholars points for their house ranging from 1 to 5. Scholars could see their house points add up over the term as colored beads marking their achievements filled their house vases. A final celebration was held in Diagon Alley to honor the Scholars for their achievements.

To showcase what they learned during their time at Hogwarts, select materials they created over the 6-week term were chosen and organized into a display placed in Diagon Alley. Parents, both muggles and witches, and wizards alike, were invited to roam the streets of Diagon Alley and observe their Scholar’s magical knowledge!